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HCI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. High Availability in VM requires Sangfor vmTools to be installed?

  No need to install Sangfor vmTools
  High Availability requires VM to be in virtual storage

2. Sangfor HCI 5.2 admin logs expiration? (Systems > Logs and Alarms > Admin Logs)

  Able to store for 3 months

3. Possible to migrate external iSCSI data together into Sangfor HCI?

  Server migration to Sangfor HCI will not include external iSCSI data
  Migrated server can remount the iSCSI server via network

4. Can we build VM in Local Disk? (Without aSAN license)


5. What is the function of Sangfor vmTools?

  To support Resource Scheduling & Automated Hot-Add
  Display accurate CPU & memory usage
  Improve overall VM performance

6. Situation when spare disk replace fault disk?

  Spare disk will become data disk
  New disk replacement for Faulty Disk will become new Spare Disk

7. Difference between "Clone" and "Deploy" template?

   "Clone" will duplicate from orginial VM
   (Cloned VM and original VM will not have any relationship afterwards)
   "Deploy as Template" will create VM based on Master Template
   (Master Template cannot be deleted when there are Child VMs under it)

8. Difference between "Backup" and "Snapshot"?

   "Backup" will remain even VM is deleted
   "Snapshot" will be deleted when VM is deleted

9. Sangfor HCI 5.2 and Sangfor HCI 5.2R2 can build cluster?

   No, all nodes must have the same firmware